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About Sugar Tree Farms

Nestled in the tip of Texas lies the magical Rio Grande Valley. It is here that the lush subtropical climate, warm Gulf breezes, abundant sunshine and exceptional rich soils come together to create the world's finest grapefruit and oranges.

Our family has been in the citrus business since the early 1930’s when Stanley B.Crockett, Sr. began growing his own citrus groves. With his immense horticultural background the orchards thrived and so did his love for growing citrus. He later began growing nursery citrus stock to fulfill his own orchard needs, as well as the needs of others. In the early 1960’s, his son Brad Crockett, also having the same passion for citrus, recognized the desire of others to experience the sweetness of Texas, and began shipping Texas gift fruit nation wide. Today, Brad’s son Allan and his grandson Charles and their families are continuing the family tradition.

Texas Citrus makes a perfect gift. Treat your friends, relatives or business associates with the Taste of Texas. Any holiday is the perfect time to send a gift of delicious Texas Red Grapefruit and Sun-ripened Oranges.

Selecting only the top 5% of each crop, “the cream of the crop”. A citrus tree takes about 8 years to reach full maturity. Each tree produces approximately 330 lb. of fruit and only 40 lb. of that meets our high standards. This is to assure that our customers only receive the very best. Each piece of fruit is hand-picked, only after being tree ripened....literally “stored” on the tree until harvested. They are then cleaned and hand packed with care, then shipped immediately to an anxiously awaiting recipient. This is our way we guarantee you absolute orchard freshness.

Our Guarantee
You have our assurance that we pack only the finest hand selected fruit and products and strive to deliver, as quickly as possible, from the orchard to your door. If any of our products fail to arrive in good condition, notify us of the damage within thirty days of shipment. We will cheerfully replace the product or give you a refund. A copy of our guarantee is enclosed with each gift.