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STF Baskets

With Love, From TexasPicture of the Texas Baslets

They'll for sure know where this gift came from. We've nestled six big, juicy delicious Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit in a charming handmade Texas shaped basket. And to satisfy that sweet craving we've included one pound of our famous Red Grapefruit candy wedges and a half pound of delectable chocolate covered Bing cherries.
Starting from....$41.95

Bountiful Baskets Picture of the Bountiful Baskets

This is a truly delightful gift. Taste-tempting, luscious Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit nestle inside a charming woven basket handmade in Texas, basket may vary.
Starting from....$38.95

The Bountiful Combo Basket Picture of The Bountiful Combo Basket

Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit and juicy Texas Oranges with soft-centered Strawberry Hard Candies, and a jar of our sweet and tangy Honeybell Orange Marmalade. You can even add 1/2 lb. of pecan halves and or 1/2 lb. of Chocolate Covered Pecans all snuggly packed in a woven basket handmade in Texas, basket may vary.
Starting from....$43.95

Breakfast Basket Picture of The Breakfast Basket

We begin with six succulent Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit and two 2oz. bags of gourmet ground coffee, a bag each of Snickerdoodle and Breakfast Blend. We then add one jar each of our tangy sweet Honeybell Orange and Ruby Red Grapefruit jellies. The finishing touch is two of our delicious Rum cakes. The perfect combination for the perfect breakfast.
Order #5BB....$61.95

Deluxe Gift Basket Picture of the Deluxe Gift Basket

What an elegant way to remember someone special during the holidays. Our Deluxe Gift Basket includes a 16 oz. jar of golden sweet. Texas orange blossom honey and 6 oz. of plump, Texas pecans halves, then we fill the basket with sweet juicy Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit. and top it off with 6 oz. of our tangy sweet grapefruit candy This charming picnic basket is great for decorating or lunch in the park
Order #5DB... $59.95

Pick-A-Peck Picture of the Peck Basket

Can't you just taste it! This quaint little red basket filled with your choice of juicyTexas Ruby Red Grapefruit, a mix of grapefruit and sun-ripened Sweet Oranges or have it filled with whole pecans.
Starting from....$24.95

Serrated Grapefruit Spoons Picture of Spoons Serrated Grapefruit Spoons, the perfect way to lift fruit sections without tearing the fruit or squirting the juice.
Order #SPN....$12.95