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Seasonal Harvest Club

Our ultimate gift-eight different, special selections. Sent to you separately just when they're at their peak of perfection. Enjoy for yourself or share with those you care about most. Each month they'll receive the following, starting in November:

Order #SHC....$199.95.


Start out with eight pounds of our juicy and sweet sun-ripened Oranges. These gems will compliment any meal or a just a great snack. Not to mention you daily dose of vitamin C.


Enjoy 9-13 Juicy Comic Pears at the peak of harvest. These are undenyable the best pears you've ever had. Great in salads, desserts and just to enjoy by themselves.
January It's cold outside and nothing says sunshine like 5 pound of delicious Honeybell Oranges. A rare treat, available only a few short weeks a year. They are a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit An exceptional flavor.
February The newest member of our family. A secret we are finally sharing. Enjoy 6 jumbo delicious Texas Lulu Avocados. Eat a little, share a little. Nah! Keep them for yourself.
March Welcome Spring into your home! Our pride and joy. The original Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit. You'll get 6 of these super sweet beauties.
April Just right for baking & snacking. A nice portion of this years crop of select Texas Pecans Halves & Pieces. Enjoy 1 lb. of each.
May Almost time for outdoor fun. And what compliments a outdoor fishfry or BBQ than frest onions rings. Take these 8 Lbs. of Jumbo Texas 1015 Supersweet. ® and get creative with your cooking.
June If you've ever had them, nothing will ever come close. Only Texas can produce such an exceptional Peach. One dozen sweet, juicy Peaches, dripping with mouth-watering goodness is coming your way..

Serrated Grapefruit Spoons Picture of Spoons Serrated Grapefruit Spoons, the perfect way to lift fruit sections without tearing the fruit or squirting the juice.
Order #SPN....$12.95