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STF Ruby

Famous Texas Ruby Reds


Taste of Texas

This, our smallest pack, but sure isn't lacking in flavor. It has 4 luscious Ruby Red Grapefruit, extra large... each weighing over a pound. Just perfect for that single person or those wanting to sample.
Order # 1T...$13.95

Six Pack Carton

This, our most favorite pack, nestled all snuggles are six gorgeous extra largeTexas Reds Grapefruit , each weighs over a pound. An ideal gift for that hard to buy for person or when you need to send several gifts.
Starting at...$17.95

9 Pack Carton

The perfect size, 9 scrumptious Texas Reds Grapefruit, each weighing over a pound. Just perfect for that mid afternoon pick me up. Choose all grapefruit or mix with sweet juicy oranges.
Starting at...$23.95

Just A Dozen

The Jumbo Dozen Carton makes excellent gifts for individuals, couples and small families. These big, juicy Texa Red Grapefruit and or Sun-Ripened Oranges have a taste tingling flavor that’s sure to please.
Starting at...$27.95

The 1/2 Bushel Carton

Twice as nice. This is ideal for gift giving. These luscious Texas Red Grapefruit alone or mixed with Sun-Ripened Oranges are custom packed and your friends will be happy to receive them! You wont find this quality fruit in stores.
Starting at...$41.95

The Family Pack

When you have a larger family on your gift list, this bountiful carton of 28 to 30 Texas Red Grapefruit is just right. Even better share the carton with our Sun-Ripened Oranges. And remember, our gift fruit is premium fruit, hand-picked for maturity, hand selected for quality.
Starting at...$49.95

El Grande

A full bushel (about 42 lbs.) of Texas Red Grapefruit is our largest fruit gift package. Or choose to mix it with Sun-Ripened Oranges for the perfect combination. It’s just right for the large family or a family gathering during the holiday season. It’s an impressive gift everyone can enjoy.
Starting at...$62.95

Fresh Fruit Rainbow

Want to send something healthy, but not sure what? This rainbow of color and flavor is sure to be a success. A perfect combination of natures best winter fruit, Brilliant Ruby Red Grapefruit, Red Delicious Apples, Sweet Texas Orangesand Juicy Comice Pears. Two sizes to choose from. Available Nov- Jan Only.

Starting at..$24.95

The Bountiful Basket

This is a truly delightful gift. Taste-tempting, luscious Ruby Red Grapefruit nestle inside a charming hand-woven basket imported from Mexico, basket vay vary. You my want to combine Ruby Reds & Sweet Oranges, certainly a popular gift choice.
Starting at...$38.95

The Bountiful Combo Baskets

For that special gift you may choose the combination of Grapefruit & Oranges with soft-centered Strawberry Hard Candies, and a jar sweet and tangy Honeybell Orange Marmalade. You can even add 1/2 lb. of pecan halves and or 1/2 lb. of Chocolate Covered Pecansall snuggly packed in a woven basket handmade in Texas, basket may vary. An exceptional gift they'll remember for years..
Starting at...$43.95

Serrated Grapefruit Spoons

Picture of Serrated Grapefruit Spoons

The perfect way to lift fruit sections without tearing the fruit or squirting the juice.
Order #SPN.... $12.95 w/ Free Shipping!